Michael Hanlon's second solo release ..... "Wishing You Were Somewhere" (2017) is a follow on from "15 Minutes of Sunshine" (2012) and retains the dreamy beatnik undertones and poetic ambience that his work is characteristic of.


A producer whose manipulation of loops and ambient scapes serve as beds for his songwriting and musical experimentation.


Now living on the South Coast of NSW, Australia he works from his studio creating sounds and songs for performance, collaboration and release. Michael has written, performed and produced several solo works and written scores for film and television. He was a member of Gilt Trip with Steve Kilbey and Russell Kilbey releasing "Egyptian Register" (2006) He has composed for art gallery installations in collaboration with visual artists and produced and engineered music across multiple genres. “

Michael's latest trip is the Sweet Valentinos. Their music is an exciting fusion of melodies and rhythms inspired by the eclectic and diverse musical influences of the individual band members.

Melodies seasoned with percussion, double bass, melodica, violin, and guitars.  Ragged rural rhythms and dreamy beatnik undertones. Their music is a wide open field on a summer afternoon.

An album chock full of minute observations, as well as wild flights of fantasy. Songs that are stamped through with a spirit … carrying a lyric that is elusive yet illuminating, that speak to the heart with a voice that demands you join in. Beyond this there are darker vistas, honey shot through with gold. Plains of synthesiser noise and the jangle of a piano.” “right in the pocket of love”

Ian Housten Shadwell


“This is a little masterpiece made amongst the ruins of an over exposed city, taking a detour to somewhere quiet and dreamy, overhearing music and conversations.”

Gilbert Cheron-music critique